Join the Sustainable Carrier Movement

Join Amazon and hundreds of Amazon Relay carriers for a free, two-day event in Southern California highlighting the business case for the deployment of sustainable freight transportation technologies, fuels, and vehicles. FASTforward attendance is limited to Amazon Relay carriers and invitees.

Amazon FASTforward

At Amazon FASTforward (Future Advanced Sustainable Transportation), gain insight into how new vehicle innovations can help fleets to operate efficiently, sustainably, reliably, and cost-effectively. Learn from real-world fleets adopting low carbon technologies and uncover the current and future landscape for zero-emission vehicles.

Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo

Amazon FASTforward participants will receive a Fleet Expo Hall Pass for the largest advanced transportation technology and clean fleet event in North America. Explore the expansive exhibit hall featuring 185+ low- and zero-emission commercial vehicles, meet hundreds of leading OEMs and technology providers, and take the newest commercial vehicles for a spin during the ride and drive.

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Amazon FASTforward Participants Will:


about the benefits of zero-emission vehicles and how funding programs can help offset the total cost of ownership


early adopter carriers discuss their experiences, lessons learned, and results with deploying zero-emission vehicles


the current state of sustainable vehicle technologies for fleets, including battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell


insight into Amazon’s sustainability programs, including The Climate Pledge


the largest display of advanced commercial vehicles and meet with 275+ leading suppliers and OEMs


with other carriers to find the best solutions for a more economically and environmentally sustainable future


35+ low- and zero-emission vehicles (trucks, buses, and vans) in action during the Ride & Drive event


major media events live, including vehicle and product debuts and partnership and project announcements

ACT Expo 2022 in Long Beach, CA. Photo by NHOUSE Photo Services for Gladstein Neandross and Associates

Driving Economic & Environmental Fleet Sustainability

The Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo highlights the latest transportation technologies and clean fuels available on the marketplace today. The event features dozens of product debuts and major announcements from leading OEMs and suppliers, networking opportunities with the most influential leaders in the industry, peer-to-peer learning for fleet operators, and access to the most extensive assembly of advanced commercial vehicles.

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